• SOUND OF YOKO is now YOKOpedia



    SOUND OF YOKO is now YOKOpedia


    Hello everyone !

    "SOUND OF YOKO" migrates to another platform and now becomes YOKOpedia. You might think that I did this on a whim but it's quite the opposite. I was starting to find the eklablog platform very disappointing and it's been a while since I wanted to change to go to blogger but I didn't really have the courage to moove all articles I've already done. I told myself that I was going to stay here and that I would pass over the - very big - disappointments of eklablog. Except that I thought a few days ago to rename the fanblog into YOKOpedia and I told myself it was the right time to make a whole new start and therefore to transport the fanblog somewhere else.

    But it's not just that... Coming back to the Hello! Project French fanbase made me realize how poor it was and I had the impression that SOUND OF YOKO was not used by many people in this fanbase. Most French fans make their own content in English now and the French community of Hello! Project is no longer too maintained (to MY POIINT - that's the feeling I had during these last two years to take care of this fanbase). Most of my friends who are fans of Reina wasn't french as well and couldn't use this fanbase as a tool. This is why I decided to write YOKOpedia in English so that the site is better used and so that more people can come and read about Reina. The files will therefore be translated directly there...

    Thanks for your support so far and of course I will continue to try to maintain an encyclopedia as great as Reina is